Welcome! I am a Sponsored Affiliate of the Center for Political Studies at the University of Michigan and a Visiting Scholar with the Department of Political Science at Michigan State University. In the academic year 2017-18, I am conducting a research project on the documentation of abuses by human rights defenders that is being funded by Gerda Henkel Foundation. I received my PhD from the Department of Government at the University of Essex in December 2014. I am a conflict and violence scholar and contribute to the fields of Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Methodology. My collaborative research on estimating violent deaths to address underregistration and selection bias in conflict data won the 2016 Robert H. Durr Award of the Midwest Political Science Association for best paper applying quantitative methods to a substantive problem.

Political Violence

I study violence empirically–its causes, dynamics, and intervention efforts. My research is concerned with identifying the logics underlying violent behavior, how violence spreads, how human rights defenders navigate a contentious environment, and opportunities for ending conflict.

Data and Methods

I am particularly interested in how data on political violence is generated. I explore the issues of data incompleteness and selection bias in empirical applications using machine learning approaches to record linkage, database triangulation, and advanced estimation techniques.

Human Rights Work

I support human rights projects worldwide, such as LGBT advocacy, data & tech for human rights defenders, and higher education in conflict areas or prisons. Since 2009, I am a Field Consultant with the Human Rights Data Analysis Group.